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In Home Services Aimed At Incontinence

At Comfort Keepers of Rochester, NY our in home services include loving incontinence care for our clients that helps protect their dignity and allows them to continue enjoying life

For many seniors, incontinence has become a way of life along with all the problems and discomfort it brings. At Comfort Keeper of Rochester, NY we believe that no one should have to live like this. Our in home services for seniors includes caregivers who understand the embarrassment and loss of dignity incontinence can cause. Our caregivers provide their clients with loving care designed to help them maintain their dignity.

If you or a loved one is living with incontinence, please read this!

At Comfort Keepers, every member of our team is dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the finest in home services available. If you are concerned about having one of our caregivers help, keep in mind that they have pretty much seen it all, there isn't much out there that is likely to shock them.  

Our caregivers are fully aware of the negative impact suffering from incontinence can have on a senior's life. It can affect their mental and physical health, their ability to interact socially, and of course the bottom line of their bank accounts. To make matters worse, most people are unaware that incontinence is often little more than a symptom of an underlying condition. With a proper diagnosis of the condition, the incontinence may go away on its own. When it doesn't, it can be managed with the right care plan.

Incontinence Comes in Many Forms

Most of us tend to think of incontinence as either fecal or urinary, but in reality, there are five main forms of this condition along with a number of sub-forms. The five main forms are:

  • Urge Incontinence
  • Functional Incontinence
  • Overflow Incontinence
  • Mixed Incontinence
  • Stress Incontinence

At Comfort Keepers of Rochester, NY we offer the finest in home services including incontinence care available. To learn more about how our caregivers can help, contact us online or give us a call at (585) 209-3728 and let us schedule your free in-home consultation with one of our senior advisors. Call today! 




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