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Comfort Keepers of Rochester, NY, are proud senior home care providers for those aging in place. Many older adults today have the option to remain in their own homes and grow old in safety, comfort, and with independence. This applies to all seniors, regardless of ability levels.

If you or a family member struggles to cope at home, keep reading. Whether you need a little assistance with daily chores or help at a more personal level, we're here to support you where we can.

Comfort Keepers provide in-home senior support in two key areas:

  1. General home care providers
  2. Personal care assistants

Some people need help in both areas of home support, and that's okay too. Comfort Keepers tailor each and every plan so that it provides the best possible care solutions for clients and families.

General Home Care Providers (Non-Medical Care)

As general home caregivers we offer a range of support assistance including:

  • Home care providers can be your guide to safe bathingCompanionship care
  • Escort & transportation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal planning and meal preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Running errands
  • Shopping
  • Much more based on individual needs

Comfort Keepers Personal Care Solutions

Personal care is more hands-on and needs a special approach. Every comfort Keeper who works in senior personal care has undergone training. They have unique skills, essential for this type of work.

Comfort Keepers' personal home care providers help with activities such as:

  • Hair care
  • Shaving
  • Oral hygiene
  • Bathing
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Transferring and positioning
  • Motion exercises
  • Walking
  • Eating and feeding
  • Others

Professional Senior Bathing

There's a lot more to bathing seniors than meets the eye. Proper washing also makes our clients feel better and more dignified. The key to professional senior bathing is safety and comfort.  Bathing oneself is a straightforward task. To bathe elderly folks who have lost the ability to wash themselves is a different matter. We're aware of slippery surfaces and other potential hazards.

We know how to move and support those who need help getting in and out of bathtubs and showers. Comfort Keepers make the whole process safer, easier, less embarrassing, and more enjoyable.

The Importance Of Grooming

Bathing is only part of what we do.

For seniors who need our help, we also offer professional grooming and personal hygiene assistance. Like bathing, maintaining personal hygiene and grooming is also a vital caregiver service.  Maintaining self-esteem and dignity is important at any age. It particularly matters among older adults. Regular bathing and grooming goes a long way to achieving these feelings of self-worth.  Whenever possible, we encourage care recipients to partake in any bathing and grooming rituals. Even minor involvement can be enough to make them feel more useful, and therefore more worthy.

Contact us to find out more about Comfort Keepers' home care providers in Rochester New York. Whether you or a loved one needs a little part-time general help or more full-time personal assistance, we can help. Call us to arrange a free consultation where we can discuss your in-home care needs.  You can reach us during usual office hours at (585) 209-3728.




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