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Elderly Care Professionals Talk About How Your Senior Can Make The Most Of The Holidays

Nov 30, 2018 by Garrett Hafler

If we were to ask you what the holidays mean to you, you would likely talk about the Christmas tree, holiday traditions, grandkids opening the presents, and the smell of hot cocoa. While these are what makes up the holidays, sometimes, the holidays are filled with an overwhelming amount of stress and anxiety, especially for your senior. Below, our elderly care experts will talk about how to ease up some of that stress.

Plan Ahead

Planning sounds easy but can be difficult to do sometimes, especially if you are used to running on coffee and chaos. However, slowing things down and planning out the days can make the holidays much more enjoyable for everyone. Try to get everything done early on so that you can kick your feet up and relax too. For example, try to grocery shop earlier than the week before the holiday and get the items you know will not spoil. This way, you spend less time in the grocery store and you avoid the hectic crowds.

You can also plan out the festivities in your home and allocate a certain amount of time to each. Elderly care experts want you to remember that you need to make time for yourself too.

Create New Traditions

Everyone loves traditions and it is fun to create new ones. You can gather the family and start something new and carry it on for your grandchildren. Some popular options include getting involved with charity, going out to eat instead of cooking a large meal, or starting a new holiday hobby.

Elderly care professionals at Comfort Keepers are here to assist you in making sure your holidays are as enjoyable as possible. If you would like to learn more about our elderly care services, call Comfort Keepers at your earliest convenience. 

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