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Senior Care Experts Bring Awareness About Recommended Vaccines For Seniors

Oct 31, 2018 by Garrett Hafler

Vaccines are important, especially for seniors, as they can help protect us from disease, infection, illness, and the symptoms of those things. The CDC estimates that about 43% of seniors over 65 have not received their vaccines or boosters. Senior care providers warn that this could lead to serious illness and symptoms.

Of course, vaccines are unable to fully protect you from some illnesses, but, they can reduce your risk and they also limit how severe the symptoms can be. Below, our senior care experts will talk about some of the most recommended vaccines for seniors.

  • Tdap vaccine – This is a single shot that works to protect you from tetanus, pertussis, and diphtheria. If you have not received this shot within the last 10 years, it is recommended that you have a booster.
  • Shingles vaccine – This vaccine works to protect you against shingles, which is a painful rash that occurs and can cause blisters on the skin. Seniors should receive this vaccine as it is recommended for them.
  • Pneumococcal vaccine – This vaccine protects against the pneumococcal bacteria which can cause meningitis and pneumonia in seniors. The illnesses lead to deaths and hospitalizations each year.
  • Influenza vaccine – Flu season starts in October and if your loved one is prone to illness, he or she should talk to their primary care doctor about this vaccine.

Comfort Keepers Senior Care Professionals Can Help

Senior care professionals can assist in making sure that your loved one is able to get to and from their doctors’ appointments to ensure their boosters are up to date. If you would like to learn more about our services or you would like to schedule services with us, call Comfort Keepers today

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