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Our Home Care Teams Talk About Simple Home Adaptions To Stop Fall Risks In Those Who Are Visually Im

Aug 23, 2018 by Garrett Hafler

When you think of aging, you likely think about yourself getting older and enjoying retirement. While this is what aging is about, it is important to know that vision loss and eye diseases are common in the senior community and home care team recommend that you have your eyes checked at a minimum of once per year. Many seniors need some type of vision assistance and they can live in their home without worry, especially when the proper home adaptions are made.

Home care professionals stress that seniors do not need to give up their independence and they can live safely in their home, but, they also need to make sure all fall risks are minimized. Since falls are one of the most common reasons a senior will visit the hospital, it is vital that their home is setup so that they do not fall.

Below, our home care team will provide you with some home adaptions that can be made quickly to ensure a safe home for your senior.

  • Install grab bars in the bathroom
  • Make sure that all furniture is out of the walkway and does not stick out into it
  • Push in all chairs that are not in use (dining room table or work desk)
  • Remove and replace any worn, wrinkled, or loose rugs and carpets
  • Get rid of any hazards that are present on the floor or in the walkways such as wires
  • Make sure the home has an ample amount of lighting

Comfort Keepers is proud to be able to offer you quality services in the Rochester area for your elderly loved one. Our home care team can provide a free fall risk assessment too. Call today to learn more

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