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Dementia Care Experts Warn That Driving May Not Be Safe For All Seniors

May 29, 2018 by Garrett Hafler

If you are the primary caregiver for your beloved parent or grandparent, you likely do not want to be the one that has to tell them you need their car keys. It can be difficult for you to do and your loved one may not be in on the idea because they will feel as though their independence is being stripped from them. While it is a hard time, dementia care experts recommend that it is best to do once you have assessed your loved one’s ability to drive, as they may be a danger to themselves or someone else on the road.

Before you do step in and take their keys, you need to spend some time assessing their driving skills and making sure that they have lost some of their ability to drive. To do this, our dementia care experts have some recommendations and things to think about, which you can find below.

  • Take a moment to see if you notice any questionable driving behavior out of your loved one. You may notice that they take risky turns, or they operate their vehicle in a risky fashion
  • Check to see if there is any new damage to your loved one’s vehicle that was not there before. If there is, this may be an indication that they knocked into something or were unaware of their surroundings
  • Take a moment to see if your loved one’s reaction times are slower than usual. For example, can they stop at a red light or do they slowdown in time?

Dementia care experts recommend that you take a drive with your loved one to see how they do while you are there. You should look for signs of them being tired or even frustrated. Comfort Keepers dementia care team is ready to assist you and your loved one with transportation, home care, and more. 

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