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At Home Care Services Recommends Low Impact Exercises For Seniors

May 9, 2018 by Garrett Hafler

Exercising is an important part of life and it is recommended for everyone, no matter your age. As your beloved parent begins to age, they will find that exercises start to become more difficult and they may not be able to perform them. At home care services professionals recommend that your loved one participates in low-impact exercises to ensure they can get their daily physical activity in, but that they do not injure themselves in the process.

Low-impact exercises are important and at home care services professionals say that these type of exercises fit into four main categories – strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. Below, we will provide you with some good low-impact exercises for your loved one.

Water Aerobics. Water aerobics have cardiovascular benefits and they are a strength-training exercise as well. The resistance offered by the water allows your loved one to strengthen his or her muscles and the buoyancy of the water helps to eliminate stress on the joints.

Tai Chi. This is a type of meditative exercise that helps to promote your balance and flexibility. It is popular in the senior community because it is easier on the joints. Tai Chi does have slow movements, which means most seniors do not risk any type of injury in the ankle, knee, or hip.

Walking. At home care services professionals suggest that your loved one walk. This is a tried and true exercise that can provide cardiovascular benefits and even boost weight loss.

Yoga. Yoga combines balance, strength training, flexibility, and endurance. It helps to control blood pressure, strengthen the bones, and maintain weight.

If your loved one is ready to boost their daily activity, or you think that they need to be more active, now is the time to promote it. Comfort Keepers at home care services is prepared to help your loved one and assist them in getting their daily exercise in. 

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