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Elder Care Services Can Aid Your Loved One Who May Suffer From Common Eye Problems In Seniors

Jan 14, 2018 by Garrett Hafler

When it comes to our vision, we rarely think about it and it does not help that we do not have to activate our vision to make it work, so we naturally forget about it and take it for granted. While we do expect to be able to see when we open our eyes, there is a more pressing issue that needs to be discussed. Elder care services experts want to remind seniors that they need to have an annual eye exam performed to ensure they do not experience or develop one of the four common eye problems. If they do have one of these conditions, proper treatment is required to slow down the effects that the condition may have on the eyes.

Below, our elder care services team will discuss what those four common eye problems are. If you are a caregiver to your loved one, you should encourage them to schedule an eye exam, especially if they have not been in a while.

  1. Cataracts – This is a condition that occurs when there is too much protein buildup on the lens of the eye itself. This often leads to opaque or cloudy vision in the senior
  2. Diabetic retinopathy – This is a type of complication that occurs when the senior has diabetes. The blood vessels in the eye will burst, bleed, and detach from the retina itself
  3. Age-related macular degeneration – This is a disease that affects the macula of the eye and leads to total blindness in the individual
  4. Glaucoma – This is a disease that is present when there is too much pressure inside of the eye and it leads to damage of the optic nerve. Elder care services professionals stress how important it is to check for glaucoma as about 1 million people have it and do not know

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