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Home Health Care Agencies Weigh In On Senior Care Tips For The Holidays

Nov 17, 2017 by Garrett Hafler

Home health care agencies see many seniors throughout the holidays and they work hard with the caregivers of those seniors to make sure the holidays are a wonderful time for everyone. Seniors who receive care from home health care agencies can expect there to be some challenges with the holidays around the corner, but with proper planning, the holidays will be enjoyable for everyone around. This time of year, does come with a lot of stress, late nights, and loud parties. If your loved one does receive care in their home, you will find some helpful tips below that can help make the day less stressful.

Keep your loved one involved. Home health care agencies recommend that you keep your loved one as involved as possible. Many seniors will feel left out, and it can be a lonely time for them.

Try to plan meals around your loved one’s schedule. If your loved one receives home care services, they are likely on a strict eating schedule already.

Don’t forget that your loved one will have healthcare and medication needs too. Things can often slip your mind and theirs, especially as the holidays get closer. It is important to make sure that you address their medical needs at all times, even if you need to set a reminder for yourself.

Do not expect too much. You do not want to push your loved one too hard during the holidays. Some seniors do not do well in social situations and you should set realistic expectations for them.

If your loved one receives care from home health care agencies, it is important that you work closely with them to create a holiday plan that addresses your loved one’s needs and meets them with ease. 

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