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At Home Elder Care Can Help Promote Proper Foot Care

Aug 29, 2017 by Garrett Hafler

As a senior starts to age, their needs start to change and they may or may not develop a foot condition that may limit their mobility or cause them some additional pain and discomfort. This means that your loved one’s at home elder care provider will need to be there more often and provide the assistance and services needed to ensure the overall health and safety of your parent. Foot ailments are quite prevalent in all age groups, but they can make it near impossible for a senior to exit their home and enjoy their time outside.

The foot is often called the mirror to your health because many conditions will first display symptoms or problems with the foot. For example, arthritis, circulatory problems, and diabetes will often first show up in the foot and cause dry patches of skin, blotching, itchiness, discoloration, and more. Your loved one’s at home elder care team can help keep their eye out and watch for any significant changes or issues with your loved one’s feet and alert you to them.

Foot Care Tips For All Seniors

An at home elder care provider is able to help provide your loved one with the foot care he or she needs. Sometimes, seniors may not be able to clip their toenails or they may need to apply a powder or lotion to their feet and they cannot. A care provider can assist in these situations.

Below, you will find some helpful foot care tips for seniors of all ages:

  • Keep your feet dry to prevent infection or the spread of fungus such as athlete’s foot
  • Have annual checkups provided by a podiatrist
  • Wear comfortable shoes that allow for proper air flow and movement
  • Massage feet with lotion each night to properly hydrate them
  • Exercise carefully and avoid using your feet too much

If you are interested in at home elder care for your loved one, call Comfort Keepers today to talk to one of our professionals. 

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