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Senior Living Assistance And Ensuring Safe Driving For Your Loved One

Aug 10, 2017 by Garrett Hafler

Seniors are often spotted driving on the road all of the time and it can be difficult to try and take away their independence and restrict their ability to drive. If you are worried about your loved one’s ability to drive, you should speak with their living assistance provider. Many home care services include transportation and you will have the peace of mind needed that your loved one can get from A to B safely.

Getting older means that your loved one may experience impaired eyesight or they may be taking medications that impair their ability to drive or operate their vehicle. Seniors are usually more cautious drivers and it is very rare to see a senior driving aggressively.

Naturally, you probably worry about your loved one on the road and you should monitor their driving habits to identify some warning signs of unsafe behaviors. If you are unable to monitor them yourself, you should ask their living assistance provider to watch out for the following signs.

Memory Issues. If your loved one suffers from memory issues, this can impair his or her ability to remember where they are and can lead to serious accidents should they become distracted. If you are worried about memory issues with your senior, talk to their living assistance provider today.

Hearing and Vision Problems. If your loved one cannot hear or see, this can affect their driving and even lead to accidents. Just because your parent or grandparent cannot sear or hear does not mean they cannot drive, but it means the issue needs to be corrected to ensure they can safely drive.

Increase in Traffic Violations. If you notice that your loved one has an increase in traffic violations or accidents, then it is time to determine if your loved one is able to safely drive their vehicle.

Risky Behaviors. As we mentioned above, seniors are often cautious when they drive, but if you notice risky behaviors from your senior, then it may be time to revisit their ability to drive. Risky behaviors can include merging without looking, following too closely, failure to signal, and similar.

If you would like to discuss your loved one’s ability to drive, call Comfort Keepers today. Our living assistance providers are able to help monitor your parent or grandparent’s ability to safely drive on the road. 

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