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Preventing Dehydration with Proper Senior Home Care Services

Jun 20, 2017 by Garrett Hafler

Dehydration in seniors is a serious concern and it can happen quickly and lead to future health issues that may have a grim outlook. Senior home care services can provide your loved one with the monitoring and support they need to ensure they make healthy hydration choices and drink the recommended amount of daily liquid.

Unfortunately, seniors are more likely to become dehydrated for many reasons. Some of those reasons include:

  • Decreased ability to move around or communicate that they are thirsty
  • Medications can dry out the mouth
  • Reduced kidney function
  • Do not experience a strong thirst even when thirsty
  • Underlying health conditions

Senior home care services will focus on your loved one’s liquid intake and our caregivers will monitor consumption and document what was consumed, how much, and how often. When you call Comfort Keepers, one of our senior homme care specialists will sit down with you to determine how much fluid your oved one needs to consume and then create a plan that is approved by you.

Dehydration is something that needs to be avoided because it can lead to serious health complications and even death in serious situations.

Some of the steps our professionals take to help encourage hydration in the elderly include:

  • Offer them fluids regularly whether inside or outside
  • Every time your loved one needs to take medicine, it is encouraged that they drink 8 ounces of fluid
  • Provide them with their favorite drinks to consume
  • Keep cold water and juices available always

Not all seniors will drink water and if your loved one does not like to consume water; our senior home care services are designed to ensure that is not the only liquid offered to them. In fact, our providers can create healthy drink options for them.

If you would like to discuss our senior home care services in Rochester, please call Comfort Keepers today. 

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