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Local Resources For Seniors & Families Near Our Senior Care Services Agency in Rochester, NY

Plan a fun day with your senior care services provider or your family members!

Our caregivers have made it their mission to keep your senior loved ones at home.  Their goal is to allow them to thrive in the place they cherish the most through professional senior care services.  However, this doesn’t mean we want to keep them locked away forever!  It is important that your senior leaves their home from time to time in order to move their body and engage with others.  New environments and interactions can keep the mind sharp, walking can loosen stiff muscles as well as help to strengthen them.

We’re happy to provide you with a collection of resources and destinations your senior can travel to with loved ones or their caregiver.  Make an important appointment for their health, find a club or an organization they can join, or discover a new place to explore.  Each caregiver on our senior care services team have their personal records and driving records regularly reviewed.  They also have their license verified and vehicles inspected to ensure their safety when being driven to destinations.

Activities & Adventures | Community & Government | Health & Wellness

Activities & Adventures

Rochester Museums & Galleries

There is never an age where you are too old to stop learning.  Visit these museums to learn about local stories, historic moments, and amazing inventions or advancements.

Rochester Trails

Rochester offers several nationally recognized trails for your to explore.  Get some exercise through a nature walk or a bike ride, take a more scenic route to do some bird watching, or mark some new places to stop and discover.

Seneca Park Zoo | (585) 336-7200

Get a taste of the wild, as well as some great exercises, with a day at the zoo!  You and your loved ones can learn and see live animals from around the world.  You can also make a donation to help wildlife conservation efforts.

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Community & Government

Alzheimer’s Association- The Rochester & Finger Lakes Chapter

The Alzheimer’s Association is dedicated to promoting awareness of the disease the furthering research to find a cure.  Comfort Keepers is proud to be a national partner and provide senior care services to help loved ones touched by Alzheimer's.  Join your local chapter to participate in fundraising events, find a screening center near you, or learn more about Alzheimer’s and better protect your loved one.

Rochester 311 | (585) 428-5990

This one number can put you in touch with all city services that are available to the residents of Rochester.  Submit work orders or requests, make payments, suggest ways to improve your city, and more.

Rochester Public Library | (585) 428-7300

There are many things to do for people of all ages at the library.  Take a look at the many classes offered or fun events to plan for.  They also offer services to help seniors get informed on local resources, organizations, and other benefits the city has to offer.

Rochester Services Locator

This interactive map can help you locate nearby city services offered by the city of Rochester.  Find out when your garbage collection day is, know where important resources are available, and get information from city council.

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Health & Wellness

Lifespan | (585) 341-4013

This senior center offers services and activities that are specifically designed to help your loved one thrive in their Golden Years.

Rochester Hospitals

Our caregivers always want your loved one to be in good health.  Make an appointment with a doctor near your or in your network to ensure their medical needs are met.

Rochester R-Centers

R-Centers aren’t your everyday community centers.  These locations are designed to bring members together in a positive environment to learn and to exercise.  They offer professional, high-quality programs and equipment to help any community member thrive.  You can get an EX Rec Pass here!

Rochester YMCA

The YMCA’s of Rochester offers facilities, classes, trips, and other programs to promote the health and wellness of the community.  A great place to go with your family or caregiver to exercises and learn.

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If you would like to learn more about our senior care services and what they can do for your loved one, contact us online or at (585) 209-3728.

Comfort Keepers of Rochester, NY is proud to provide care directly in the homes of seniors throughout the following communities:

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