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Comfort Keepers of Rochester, NY does more than just provide home care services

The idea of home care services has taken hold in the US, and more and more seniors are benefiting from the ability to stay in their own homes for much longer. Comfort Keepers of Rochester, NY try to take this concept a lot farther than many other care services. We accomplish this by caring for not just senior’s day to day needs, but also all of their physical, mental, and emotional needs.  Isolation is a serious issue for seniors, who may not have family or friends close enough to prevent the loneliness and depression that come from being alone all the time.

Home care services to help seniors in Rochester, NYLoneliness Can Have An Impact On Your Loved Ones Health

It should come as no surprise that more than a quarter of seniors 65 and older live alone. Add to that the inability to get out of the house to socialize and you have a lack of contact with others than can cause depression and a number of other health issues. Solving isolation can be difficult if family does not live near the senior and they have fewer friends around who are in any better health than they are. Home care services provided by Comfort Keepers of Rochester NY take into account what a serious problem loneliness can be. We offer interactive caregiving that can make a real difference in your loved one’s health.

How Comfort Keepers Can Help

If your loved one does not get out enough for fear of falling, caregivers can help them get out into the fresh air for walks or a trip out to go shopping. For seniors who are housebound, interactive care may include having the senior join in when making a meal or folding laundry. Or for seniors who have mobility issues, caregivers can provide companionship in the form of playing games, doing puzzles, talking about current events or just reminiscing.

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Companionship is important for your loved one, and our caregivers are carefully selected and trained to ensure it is an integral part of all of our home care services. If you would like to learn more about the difference our interactive care makes contact us at (585) 209-3728. We have expert advisor available 24/7 and we can schedule you for a free in home consultation which can help you better understand the difference our customize and interactive our in home care can be. 

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